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Wefco leather spring gaiter custom order form

Make of car:
Horse Power:
Manufacture Date:
No. of Covers Required:

PLEASE GIVE EXACT MEASUREMENTS. Do not take anything for granted. Dimensions in MM Please.

  Front Springs Back Springs ¾ Elliptic
(if any)
Front half Back Half Front Half Back Half
1. Full length of half spring:
2. Length from spring clip to centre of each guide:
3. Girth (circumference) of thick end:
4. Girth (circumference) of thin end:
5. Girth (circumference) of guide:
6. Width of spring:
7. Other Comments:

8. Fastening Method (lace up unless otherwise specified):
9. State if Spring is Cantilever (upside down) or Transverse:
10. If lubricators required, state type:
11. State if guide bolts or largest protrusions are on top or bottom of springs: